Full-length plays:


An American missionary in India lies dying of cancer when her ex-lover finally tracks her down, intent upon bringing her home—with or without her consent.

Staged readings:

Villanova University, 2010. Self-directed.

Great Plains Theatre Conference’s PlayLabs, 2013. Directed by Andrea Hart.


Semi-finalist: the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2011.

Scarlet Beauties.

A daughter struggles to cope with her mother’s descent into dementia, causing her to snap—after which the mother’s interiority is manifested on-stage where her internal voices lead her softly to her death.

Staged reading:

Villanova University, 2010. Directed by Ben Smallen.


Masters thesis, M.A. in Theatre.


An adaptation of Measure for Measure that focuses on the interplay between sex and power, and who has one, both, or neither.

Staged readings:

Baltimore Shakespeare Theatre, 2012. Directed by Jim Knipple.

Villanova Theatre, 2013. Self-directed.


Winner of the first annual Sue Winge Playwriting Competition, 2013.

Semi-finalist: Manhattan Theatre Works 2014 Newborn Festival.

Truth or Consequences.

A married couple finds that the newly mainstream Internet creates profitable opportunities when it comes to selling their amateur adult films. When betrayal sets in, what happens in front of the camera bleeds into what’s behind, and their family suffers the wages of an ever-escalating series of retaliations.

Staged reading:

West Virginia University’s College of Creative Arts, the School of Theatre and Dance, 2014. Directed by Jim Knipple.


A week-long developmental residency at West Virginia University that combined development of the play and theatre teaching experience on a university level, March 2014.

Semi-finalist: the O’Neill Playwrights Conference, 2016.


A soldier stationed at the end of the world, Jenks is tasked with hitting Earth’s reset button. Sex robots, horrible weather, shiny buttons and propaganda videos pepper the sci-fi landscape as Jenks wrangles with impossible isolation–apart from the ghosts, that is.

Staged reading:

Temple University, 2016. Directed by Claire Moyer.

Wordsmyth Theatre, 2017. Directed by Melissa Gladney.

The Behavior of Other Animals

It’s summer time in Corinth, Mississippi, 1985, and the first annual Slugburger Festival approaches. 15-year-old Lyra has recently lost her mother, and would rather keep her eye glued to the stars via an old telescope than socialize with the town. Behavior is about grief, and the beauty of listening.

One-act plays:

Without Fear.


In an airport bar, a man must choose between redemption or self-destruction while telling the story of his disastrous marriage over the course of one year’s major holiday celebrations.

Kid Turboni Brings the Rain.

Play for young audiences.

Three kids from an Albuquerque housing project seek to end a crippling heat wave by following the example of Smack Turkenson, a fabled ex-tenant of the project that was able to steal rain from Mother Nature.




The Growing Stage – The Children’s Theatre of New Jersey as part of their New Play-Reading Series, November 2013. Directed by Steve Graham.

Write Now! – TYA conference in Indianapolis, May 2015. Directed by Henry Godinez.

The Colonial Players of Annapolis, July 2015.


The Colonial Players of Annapolis – Promising Playwright award, 2015.

AATE Distinguished Play Award, 2018.



God has ordered that Everyman must die, but not before attempting to clear her ledger of earthly vice and sin.


Villanova Theatre, 2013.


Villanova Theatre, November 2013. Directed by David Cregan.


Best production, 2013 Philadelphia Theatre Critic’s Awards.

Waiting for Rain.

Jenna and Ryan are built to love each other, and so they drink, and dance, and buy a Dalmatian named Buttons. Jenna’s wheelchair? Not a problem. Ryan’s drinking? Utterly charming.

Until it isn’t. When old demons intrude in their new lives, Ryan and Jenna look to one another for answers, support, and ultimately, blame. Waiting for Rain is a piercing look into how easy it is to reject the love we deserve.


Temple University, 2017. Directed by Noah Herman.


Temple University, 2018. Directed by Amy Blumberg.

20-minute and shorter plays:

Water Line.

10-minute play.

Kathy and Matt stand mud-soaked in front of a freshly wrecked building, fighting over whether or not to save the injured.

Staged reading:

Great Plains Theatre Conference’s PlaySlam, May 2013. Self-directed.

Rittenhouse Square.

1-minute play.

Meditating is hard when trash is involved.


The Inaugural Philadelphia One Minute Play Festival, July 2013. Directed by Seth Reichgott. Produced in partnership with InterAct Theatre Company.

The South Philly YMCA.

1-minute play.

Hitting the treadmill can lead to hitting someone else.


The Inaugural Philadelphia One Minute Play Festival, July 2013. Directed by Liam Castellan. Produced in partnership with InterAct Theatre Company.


1-page improv performance catalyst.

When burning a building down, make sure no one’s inside first.


Philly Improv Theatre, February 2014.  Organized by Steve Kleinedler of PHIT.


10-minute play.

A 9-year-old wants his 17-year-old brother to teach him to fight like Batman so he can better handle a terrible bully–their father.

Staged reading:

Reuben’s Kitchen, April 2014. Self-directed. Read as part of a Philadelphia theatre community event in memory of Reuben Mitchell.

Extended Run.

10-minute play.

When spicing up a marriage, practice makes perfect…-ish.


The Second Philadelphia One Minute Play Festival, April 2014. Directed by Lizzy Pecora. Produced in partnership with InterAct Theatre Company.

The Fire’s Claim.

10-minute play.

Standing before a burnt out block of factory worker housing, two sisters reflect on what they’ve lost, and what they want to lose.


The White Mountains project at Act II Playhouse, 2015. Commissioned in collaboration with the Chemical Heritage Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, this play was part of a series of works that explore Ambler, Pennsylvania’s history as an asbestos mill town.

Staged reading:

The White Mountains project through Act II Playhouse, 2015. Directed by David O’Connor.

The reading was restaged in 2017 and 2018.

On Golden Sands.

10-minute play.

Space travel while pregnant is ill-advised, unless one is escaping a plague-ridden planet.

Staged readings:

First presented as part of a showcase for end-of-residency Foundry graduates at the Arden Theatre Company, June 2015. Directed by Allison Heishman.

The Pittsburgh New Works Festival, August 2016. Directed by Nate Newell.

At the Altar of Poseidon.

10-minute play.

Cats shouldn’t play in rivers.


PTC@PLAY’s The Element Plays: a 24 Hour Theatre event, March 2016. Directed by Claire Moyer.

What We Talk About.

15-minute play.

Dinner and drinks with friends is all fun and games, until the friend tries to become…more than.


Commissioned by Juniper Productions as part of The Cocktail Plays at the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Directed by Marcia Ferguson.