Beyond Late Update: NPE, OMPF, and Debbie Harbin.

This update is later than the revelatory thoughts one has when trying to slip off to sleep at 3AM. Let’s go through events in reverse chronological order, for kicks.

Back in October, I joined the New Play Exchange to hock my playwrighterly wares. Check out my profile here: New Play Exchange. It’s a really cool resource with a lot of potential, and I’m glad to be part of it.

Back in August, the One Minute Play Festival returned to Philadelphia in collaboration with Interact Theatre and produced my one minute play Extended Run.

Since you’re presumably unable to travel back in time to see the show, you can view it here: Howl Round. Check out my particular piece at 1:02:00–though you should probably watch the whole thing, as it showcases the kind of brilliant work Philly’s brilliant playwrights produce.

Back in June (good lord, could I be any more late?), playwright extraordinaire Debbie Harbin wrote a short piece on Kid Turboni Brings the Rain:

Do you know that feeling when a play – or other work of art – just gets you in the sweet spot?  It’s not that it wrecks you, or that it opens up new worlds of never-before-conceived thought or anything like that; it’s just a play that makes you go “Yesssss.”  It’s a play that makes you go “Mmmm,” like an ice cream cone might make you go “Mmmm.”  That was my experience today as I read Kid Turboni Brings the Rain by talented playwright Mark Costello.

Read the rest here: 90 Days, 90 Plays.

That’s it for now. Look out for more updates, hopefully sooner than 8 months from now!