Everyman Press Compendium: Reviews and More.

The Everyman press keeps rolling in, what with a glorious opening behind us and a brilliant closing not too far ahead.

City Paper wants you to see Everyman:

Director David Cregan casts a woman, Hallie Martenson, as Everyman, and uses music ranging from Mozart to Lady Gaga, punk and haute couture fashion, and an 11-foot skate ramp in a dynamic interpretation sure to emphasize Everyman’s contemporary relevance.

Truth. Read the rest here: City Paper.

I’ve received my first reviews ever! Thankfully, but given the immense talent of our cast and crew, not surprisingly, the show’s getting warm write-ups. Phindie is a pretty cool site, dedicated to independent reviews of Philly’s theatre and arts scene:

An inspiring and impressive adaptation from the Middle Ages morality play, EVERYMAN is entertaining and thought-provoking. Just like the actors in the 15th century who originally performed this very play, the actors brought to life the truth, uncertainty, and comfort of what lays beyond the grave.

More here: Phindie.

Lastly, a positively glowing review from independent blogger Neal, of nealspaper.com:

Craft, theater crafts of many sorts, are employed to stunning, magical effect that drives home “Everyman’s”  persistent message of penance, salvation, and preparation for a happy afterlife without ever becoming preachy or cloying, not even when the Medieval script, translated by Mark J. Costello, echoes the fire and brimstone “Everyman’s” anonymous writer(s) laid on thickly to persuade 15th century audiences, believers or not, that death is imminent, and they must constantly keep themselves ready to answer to heavenly judges for their mortal souls.

More here: nealspaper.com.

A just and wonderful reckoning for our just wonderful cast and crew!