Everyman in the Press: Rep Radio Podcast and WHYY.

Darnelle Radford of Rep Radio, Philly’s way cool theatre podcast, interviewed David Cregan about Everyman and the podcast was released today. David’s dissection of the process is brilliant, and really opens up how wonderful a process it has been.

Listen here.

WHYY’s getting in on it, too:

Villanova Theatre re-imagines a medieval morality play into a high-fashion, gender-bending spectacle of sight and sound with “Everyman,” November 12-24. Morality plays were used as an educational tool to reach the illiterate masses through public performance. This play, believed to have been written in the late 15th century, was translated from Old English by Mark J. Costello, alumnus of the Villanova Masters in Theatre Program, and takes the audience on a journey through the final hours of the eponymous Everyman, who represents all of mankind, and must answer to God for all of the good and evil deeds he committed in his life. Rev. David Cregan, who directs the production, cast the title role as a woman (Hallie Martenson), and blends the old with the new by fusing elements of haute couture and punk rock (including an 11 foot skate ramp!) with medieval spiritual hymns to create a soundscape that emphasizes the fleeting nature of fashion, trend, and ultimately, human life.

The rest be here.

Get excited! Two days ’til opening! Woot!