OMPF Broadcast on HowlRound TV.

Philly’s first One Minute Play Festival was a smashing success. It played to a packed–and oh my, do I mean packed–house on opening night, and we were lucky enough to have the second evening’s showing broadcast live by HowlRound TV.

The event’s special for a bunch of reasons, but what struck me hardest was the overwhelming sense of community the festival builds. I sat in a room with every playwright in Philly and watched almost every actor and actress in Philly bring a dizzying amount of work to life in a rapid-fire frenzy. The work went up and down so quickly that no one had an opportunity to check who wrote what and had to try and remember after the fact which was which, allowing for a sort of warm haze of instantaneous theatremaking to wash over everyone in the room. It was, for lack of a better term, super way awesome cool.

Check out the HowlRound recording here.

My plays occur at the 18:05 (Rittenhouse Square) and 26:20 (The South Philly YMCA) spots.

In other news, 1 play down, 30 more to go. Bring it.