Rockin’ the first annual Sue Winge Playwriting Competition.

I was informed today that my strange, sex-and-power fueled m4m has been named the winner of the first annual Sue Winge Playwriting Competition!

It is a special honor in that it is awarded by my master’s program at Villanova University; this is the first iteration of a competition aimed at celebrating members of the ‘Nova community’s work while offering promising plays a chance at further development. That my mentors and former colleagues find value in my work is entirely humbling and meaningful to me, and I hope that they derive as much satisfaction from the coming process as I will.

There will be two intense rehearsals in which I’ll have an opportunity to workshop the entire piece–find alternatives to ugly language that doesn’t work and try it through the voices of the inestimable talent produced and cultivated at ‘Nova.

The rehearsals will culminate in a public staged reading for the community to digest on Sunday, September 8 @ 6PM. Further details are forthcoming, but all the same, I encourage you to set the night aside and come hang out with some awesome folks.

While I do not know who I went up against, I have some ideas, knowing many of the playwrights that passed through the program. I am sure they produced stellar work, as they always have, and I look forward to having them at the reading (if they come) to lend me a few hours of their brilliance. Moments like this make me celebrate others’ work more. Theatre is a collaborative art, and my plays are made better for knowing the writers I met at ‘Nova.

All the same, I hope Earl Bader will be impressed.